Route 1 is the destination for owners of the world’s biggest and most valuable IPs for a variety of reasons.  If they want ground breaking applications, if they want to reach wider audiences, if they need to optimise for new platforms and devices.  And if they want to deal with people who have an understanding of commercial realities and a hands-on attitude to service.  

At heart we're a creative business; we conceive concepts, we create new visual styles and new 3D worlds, we invent new product categories.  Our proprietary game engines, cloud-based admin interfaces and 3D editing systems combine with art, modelling, animation and sound under one roof for maximum speed and efficiency.  As a result many of our games and apps have reached number 1 in their respective charts and achieved great things for our partners and clients. 

The team is responsible for the ground-breaking concept of movie playback on Nintendo DS and developing games to play on standard DVD players - which become a global phenomenon for Universal Pictures.  We created Amazon's massive range of games for Kindle e-readers.  We are commercially minded; devising new cost-effective ways of fulfilling a creative brief whilst staying focused on the project objectives.

Turning to our business model...  Owners of major franchises can experience a practical problem with digital projects.  They have an idea what they want to do in order to support their commercial, marketing or brand development strategies, but they don’t speak the language of artists, coders, database engineers, animators etc.  

It is difficult for them to identify which skills are required, let alone align them to a coherent project plan and efficient resource allocation.  How long will it take and how much will it cost?  These simple, crucial questions can be hard for non-specialists to answer reliably.

At the other end of the spectrum is a diverse range of talented individuals who love to focus on coding and creative stuff, however their experience is generally confined to one discipline.  They have little experience of global brands, corporate strategy, market sensitivities, stakeholders and corporate accountability.

These talented people rarely 'connect' with business executives who are responsible for revenue growth, user numbers, conversion rates, brand equity or stock prices.  The client and the coder inhabit different worlds.

Uniquely, Route 1 does it all.  We often participate in strategic planning with our clients, agreeing how and when digital extension of a brand can be used to meet business objectives.  Then we convey the necessary information to artists, coders, animators etc in a language they understand in order to deliver the project.

Clients can be as involved as they want.  Some prefer to agree the spec, budget, milestones and delivery date, then leave it to us.  They prefer their executives to run their own business rather than get involved in external projects.  Under these circumstances we manage on the ‘exception’ basis, meaning that between agreed milestones and dates we only raise issues that require attention, otherwise everything is fine.  If we do need to flag issues or problems we'll bring solutions too.

Other clients prefer to be more hands-on, getting involved in early concept designs and the subsequent briefing and approval of content, artwork, models, animation and UI as the project unfolds.  In this way they are able to assert influence and brand control whilst maintaining an intimate knowledge of progress.  In some businesses this is the best way to keep corporate nerves calm all the way to the finish line.

We understand that cultures vary so accept the need for different approaches and management styles.