This product category is massively popular worldwide and has particularly large user bases in Asia and North America.  Route 1 has created two proprietary gaming engines that now power some of the biggest casino games in the market.

Anonymous Poker

Our client provided the opportunity and the outline brief, then we were given the freedom to conceive and develop the game we think today's players want.  The visuals are striking, the code was re-engineered to be light, fast and stable, the feature set is expansive and the underlying management system is quick and easy to use.  Player feedback ranges from "blown away" and "a work of art" to "nothing short of amazing".  Once you've played Anonymous Poker everything else seems ... how to put it politely ... old.

If you publish poker games and are considering a new direction please contact us any time, we'd love to help.

Blue Chip Poker

The second biggest poker game powered by Route 1’s gaming engines and admin systems.  Due to its large, demanding international player base this trailblazer uses the premium engine and is constantly being updated with code refinements and innovative features across its web, Android and iOS versions.  One of the fastest and most stable high traffic games currently available.

Cartel Poker

Another big cross-platform game that utilises our premium gaming engine for its powerful functionality, intelligent administration system and rich promotional tool set.

Complete Poker

Many casino games are designed to appeal to specific market segments, sometimes serving less obvious purposes such as trading, socialising or dating.  Complete was devised as an alternative, appealing to a broad user base who want unadulterated Texas Hold’em gaming with a disciplined style and extensive feature set.

Actua Poker

This fresh approach to casual poker gaming uses our second tier poker engine plus our secondary admin interface.  This provides solid functionality at a very competitive cost.

The Poker Lounge

Developed as a follow-on companion title to Complete Poker this provides an alternative product with a familiar format for players that like to run multiple games simultaneously.

Razorshot Poker

Razorshot is a multi-platform casual game and is the fifth poker game currently running on one of our poker engines and admin systems.


Another extension of the Compete Poker template, using the same feature set and admin system offering multi-game players a third derivative of the game they already know and love.