Entertaining Learning

Gamification is accepted as the best approach to optimising learning, so most providers have taken their existing templated learning management systems and added stronger colours, user icons, reward badges and leaderboards. That’s it.  

This approach may suffice for certain requirements and budgets, however most users are unlikely to be captivated.  The results look pretty basic compared with the apps we all use on a daily basis.  If the objective is to provide experiences that learners will return to voluntarily - then dwell longer on each visit - learning and training providers must mimic the style and functionality of good apps and games.

Route 1 has built upon its strong background in business management, brand design, console and mobile gaming to develop ambitious flexible systems that deliver entertaining content.  Welcome to the era of learning and training produced by gamers.


The new gold standard for multi-platform learning, unrivalled and unique in the LMS market.  The original concept was devised jointly with Cambridge University and Learndirect and produced by Route 1.  Originally conceived to provide English language learning, the concept was completely re-imagined and re-developed to support a much broader range of learning applications.  This ambitious system offers the experiential, progression, reward and admin features that proved most valuable when tested with providers and learners around the world.

Key Features

  • The learner is immersed in a 3D world where they meet 3D characters and interact in real life situations
  • State of the art Carnegie speech analysis can be integrated for real-time language assessment
  • Mission based learning is supported by 2D activities, progress tracking, rewards and accreditations
  • An inbuilt 3D tutor or mentor can provide advice and feedback
  • Everything is customised to suit the target demographic, market, learning objectives and client requirements.  This includes branding, environments, characters, mission design, practice activities etc – this is a no compromise approach
  • Multi-platform access allows learning to be continued at any time online or offline
  • Optional integration of in-app purchasing for ‘selling up’ and personalisation extras
  • The system supports corporate purchase of multiple access tokens that can be distributed amongst employees, also one-to-one gift cards
  • The web based admin system allows corporates to track the performance of individual token users
  • Supports full localisation into any language and font
  • Customisable back end reporting tracks user progress, purchase history and allows super-admin users to set user subordinate permissions and access
  • Supports multiple payment gateways for businesses that have existing providers
  • Applications can be pre-loaded onto desktop, tablet and smartphone hardware for corporates to distribute to personnel or customers

As with all Route 1 productions the core application can be scoped to provide an optimal feature set; additions, deletions and exclusive features are all viable.


Gaming meets learning in an unusually immersive fun experience.  Although the essence of this game is to present learning content, it is delivered in such a convincing game format that learners are willing to engage repeatedly.

Key Features

  • The learner stays in the game; learning content and gameplay are seamlessly interwoven
  • No jumping from dry learning content to fun gameplay and back again, this doesn’t feel like training bolted on to a game mechanic
  • Branding is fully integrated; environments, icons, images, logos, colours and fonts faithfully present the organisation and its values
  • This is not a single template that has been ‘re-skinned’ - content, imagery, animations and sound design are all bespoke
  • Content is customisable by non-specialists through a web-based admin panel, meaning you won’t have to pay Route 1 to make routine changes
  • Real time user performance statistics are discreetly available to the client
  • Includes a range of elements that allow the learner to personalise their profile – just like a game!
  • A superb format for collaborative or competitive play, across desktop and mobile, network and wi-fi
  • Works online and offline

Unlike LMS 1 in which every aspect of the production is customised, some elements of LMS 2 are pre-defined, albeit with huge scope for adjustment.  This provides an optimal balance of a custom application delivered at speed and moderate cost.


Unlike many rivals, this is not an existing LMS that has been modified with a few icons, logos and levels to justify a claim of gamification.  It is a newly developed proprietary system designed to be entertaining in use, quick to produce and easy to administer without technical expertise.

Key Features

  • Simple uncluttered presentation style
  • Customisable for each client, project or subject
  • Supports multiple content types; text, graphics, animation, video and audio
  • Content is easy to update by non-technical personnel using a web-based administration portal
  • Self-maintainenance means no loss of revenues paying for routine changes
  • Content is presented in a wide range of screen templates to provide variety yet maintain visual consistency
  • Custom templates can be created to ensure specialist content is presented to best effect
  • Web based admin provides monitoring of user performance and management of entitlements

Perfect for situations where a moderate level of customisation will suffice or low cost and speedy delivery are paramount.  As with all Route 1 productions feature sets can be adapted as required.

Driving Standards Agency

Produced under license and published by Ubisoft Entertainment this version took the best of the desktop original and went mobile, adding unique features such as hazard perception videos that had not previously been possible on the platform.

Velawoods English

In partnership with Cambridge and Learndirect, this ambitious ground breaking application was devised to provide immersive, effective language learning across all platforms.  In terms of scope and competition it has no peers and is now recognised as the benchmark for 'addictive learning'.


The European Flexographic Industry Association required a new portal to improve perceptions of the organisation, its mission and its services.  Their objectives were to improve awareness of its range of services, increase uptake of online training amongst new and existing clients, thereby increasing revenues.


Based in Switzerland and present in over 50 countries, BOBST are pioneers in the print industry, constantly striving to maintain their leadership position through innovation, technology and service levels.  This new portal supports the operators of their equipment around the world with online training and assessment programmes tailored to each individual, their experience and their machines.

Jaguar Land Rover   

Designed to make the induction process for new employees more interesting and informative, this desktop application features 360 degree ‘Real Vue’ environments, scribble videos and an 8 stage information / test programme.


Co-produced with Sheffield Hallam University Sports Science Faculty.  Serious health issues were addressed by delivering dietary and activity education through gaming concepts and interface designs.  It's now a case study for bringing about behavioural change and delivering tangible health benefits.