Games & Apps

Route 1 is proud to have worked with some truly huge franchises spanning multiple platforms, territories and languages, reaching hundreds of millions of people and with unit sales measured in tens of millions.  Some recent examples:

Manchester United

A super high capacity cloud-based app, this is for Man United’s 650 million worldwide fans.  Featuring quiz content, 3D players and a full 3D model of Old Trafford.  Real-time online or anytime offline play.

John Lowe's Darts Arcade

The World Darts Champion wanted proper physics for throwing darts and more fun than a conventional 501 game.  With 10 games, 5 levels, perils, unlocks and bonuses throughout, there's something for all the family.

The Cube

Have you got what it takes to beat The Cube?  Our official companion for the hit TV show is available on multiple platforms and languages.  Show contestants say it is the closest you can get to being there.

3D Mini Golf

Bright, colourful and funky.  Featuring IP devised by Digital Chocolate this app was developed for exclusive distribution through Amazon's US Android app store.


Released on multiple platforms every year, this incredible game sells millions of units.  Localised for all key territories from Australia to Russia, featuring the famous hosts and filmed on tv sets around the world.


With a worldwide fan base of 800 million this large scale cloud-based app allows vast numbers of players to compete in real time irrespective of their location or platform.  Features all 30 NBA teams, courts and kits.


This official game went straight to number 1 when we took a simple puzzle magazine interactive.  A new product category was born and Puzzler’s sales figures have only been beaten by our follow-up puzzle titles.

Wallace & Gromit

Produced in collaboration with Aardman Animation and Universal Pictures this movie tie-in game features a full 3D world and a full range of talking characters (except Gromit of course).


This complex, stylish detective game stars David Suchet and was produced on behalf of Universal Pictures.  It was filmed using period locations, props and clips from his famous movies.


Devised and developed for release in the US, this officially branded brain trainer has a novel feature - inbuilt generators that create new content every play.  Endless stress or fun, depending on your perspective.

Take A Break

Following the success of the Puzzler title this is the game that stole its crown.  Bigger, better and commercially more successful, it inevitably went on to a second edition with even more features.

A Question of Sport

A big success spanning two editions, this BBC game was produced in collaboration with the TV show’s production team and filmed on set for authenticity.

Telly Addicts

Who would want a game based on an old TV format?  Millions of people actually.  Noel Edmonds hosts every version on every platform and the success of this concept has spanned five releases.

Smash Hits!

This foray into the music market combines music, dance and quizzes.  Conceived for a teen demographic it offers a fun concept that adds a buzz to family gatherings and parties.

Beat The Intro

This music title is based on a format that has been used by countless artists, cinemas and radio stations around the world.  It is packed with sound tracks that test everyone's music knowledge.

Puzzle Time

Following the success of Puzzler, Einstein and Take A Break, this was conceived specifically for the US market with game concepts and content tailored to suit.

Get Signed Up

An opportunity for aspirational footballers to try out their skills and, if successful, win free coaching lessons.  Plus the possibility of being spotted up by professional scouts.


An innovative version of this long running international game show.  Available exclusively on Amazon’s US app store, this range of 15 titles plays on Kindle e-readers, yes e-readers.  That’s innovative!

Guinness World Records

This innovative game features facts, statistics, crazy images (of crazy people) and informative videos, including interviews with real record breakers.

Call Yourself a Referee?

Produced for the FA and Carlsberg, this game features hundreds of football action clips and puts the player in the ref’s position.  Accolades have been received from professional refs and gamers alike.