Some clients require a full service from product definition through to platform submission and post-release support - with Route 1 managing the whole process.  Others require help with specific services such as concept design, 2D design, 3D modelling, content creation, scripting, talent casting, coding etc.  The list is vast and the answer is always yes.   

Our clients need creative solutions to their business challenges, therefore we'll write up app or game concepts to ensure everyone shares the same vision.  Branding and functionality are best conveyed with sample artwork for client review and / or user testing.  As projects unfold we involve our clients in all key briefings, concept developments, project reviews and creative approvals.  When branding, customers and revenues are at stake, organisations don't usually like surprises.

We come from PLC backgrounds so we understand brand values, brand equity, consumer demographics, P&L’s, balance sheets, stock prices and corporate governance. We run our business a bit differently; we’re independent so we select projects we like, then we can be flexible and structure deals to suit us both.  We get stuck-in quickly and deliver to milestones.  Big-Co experience combined with Small-Co agility is why we integrate well with our premium client base. 

Our role is to engage with businesses and brands, helping them to extend their reach, satisfy corporate objectives and build further equity in their IP.

This does not always mean we produce a title on all platforms.  It can be a test release on a single platform that extends to more platforms if successful.  This describes all our poker games, which migrate one-by-one from Desktop to Android and iOS.

It can mean the provision of certain services to shore up a production effort that is centred elsewhere.  Examples include content (editorial, questions, answers, artwork), 3D modelling (characters, environments, textures), voice overs (casting, recording, voice direction, editing), graphics (2D, 3D, animation, sound effects).  The consequence is that we get involved in showreels, marketing assets, full apps, cloud server set-up, merchandise – whatever is required.

We work on all platforms and specialise in cloud-based applications.  This includes proprietary engines and back-end admin systems that power some of the biggest games online -  games with over 1 million players in their databases.

We have extensive experience in large scale multiplayer apps, such as Manchester United and NBA.  These 2 games have a combined fan base of approx 1.5 billion (yes, you read that correctly).

We produce for all territories.  We produce in all languages and scripts.  If there's something you want to explore please click the link.